Beyond Your Shell


Adam WeigandHi. I’m Adam and I’m an introvert.  On this site I share my experiences and thoughts about using the ideas I’ve learned in improv to help me feel less shy and build my social skills.


I believe that if we all just followed the basic principles of long form improv, the world would be a better place.


Here’s my story.


For a long time I was incredibly shy.  I felt anxious going to parties, reluctant to join conversations, and nervous about meeting new people.  I would only engage with people if I knew them.  Talking to people was difficult for me and I felt like I didn’t know how to “just be”.  



I didn’t know it, but I was missing out on fun, connections, and life.


Frustrated with my lack of social skills, I decided to get out from beyond my shell and change.  So I started taking long-form improv classes.  I realize through studying self improvement and improv comedy that there are certain things I could do to get out of my head in social settings and have interesting conversations, all while being authentic.



I love connecting with new people and hearing about your experiences.


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