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Being in the Moment

Kids PlayingHave you ever been in the “zone”?  


Where time passes quickly and you’re so lazer-focused that nothing else around you matters?


How does that feel?  


There’s no stress or outside worry.  You’re completely focused regardless of the outcome.


Kids do this when they play.  They’re so engrossed in creating a little world that they don’t hear you call them for dinner.  They’re not worried about the best angle to drape a blanket over a chair, they just make a fort.  If the chair falls, they start over.  They build, add, and create a whole world.


This is being in the moment.  Be aware of the present and accepting everything that is happening now.  Don’t start thinking into the future and stressing over what could happen.


Living in the moment can help you in social situations.  I’ve focused on being in the moment when i found myself thinking “what am I going to say next?”.  It can remove social anxiety and allow you to meet new people, relax at parties, job interviews, etc. It takes the pressure off by not having a predetermined outcome of the interaction.


Being fully in the moment reduces stress by not fearing the future and not dwelling on the past.  We should aim to only reflect on the past and plan for the future.  Each moment in life deserves your full attention.  There will never be another one like it.  


Improvisers perform in the moment.  Our full attention must be on the scene.  We risk missing a name, a subtle action, or a tone inflection which could be detrimental to a scene.  All of these things provide clues as to what the other improviser is thinking.  


We listen to understand every detail available in the environment.  We can’t stress about what we’re going to do or say, and dwelling on the past will never move the scene forward.  Being present is the best way to have a successful scene in life or on stage.


When do you felt present and in the moment?


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Adam Weigand